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Our client, Acer, a renowned multinational technology company, announced the release of a new product portfolio, ConceptD. ConceptD is a comprehensive range of desktops, notebooks, and monitors, designed to cater to both professional and amateur creators. Acer sought an impactful press release to effectively announce this new portfolio to the world, focusing on the unique selling points of the products, including their advanced tech capabilities and sleek designs.
The challenge Acer faced was two-fold: Market Penetration: Breaking into a new market segment that already had established players and convincing the creative audience that Acer's technology was not only capable but also superior. Communication: Articulating the high-tech specifications of the ConceptD portfolio in a way that appealed to the creators - an audience that, while not necessarily tech-savvy, needed to understand the benefits of the technology without being overwhelmed by jargon.
Our agency devised a well-structured, compelling press release to address these challenges. Here's how we approached it: Highlighting Unique Selling Points: We focused on communicating the unique features of the ConceptD range, such as timeless design, silenced processing, and highly color-accurate displays. We also highlighted the specific models and their unique benefits, thereby appealing to the diverse needs of the creators. Quotes from Key Stakeholders: We included statements from Acer's Co-COO and partners like Intel and NVIDIA. These quotes emphasized the reliability and high performance of the ConceptD range, serving as expert endorsements. User-Centric Language: We ensured that all technical specifications were linked to practical benefits for the end-user. For example, instead of simply stating that a desktop has a high-performance processor, we explained that this enables creators to handle extreme workloads efficiently. Live project URL:
The press release for Acer’s ConceptD launch proved to be highly effective: Broad Coverage: It was picked up by over 150 online technology and creative industry news outlets, leading to a significant increase in brand exposure in the target market. Increased Interest: The press release led to a 50% increase in website traffic in the weeks following the launch. It also significantly increased inquiries from creative professionals about the ConceptD range, demonstrating the success of the press release in sparking interest in the target market. Positive Market Reception: The press release played a critical role in the successful entry of Acer's ConceptD range into the creative industry's technology market. The effective communication of the range's benefits led to a positive market reception, with the ConceptD range being recognized as a reliable and superior choice for creators.
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