We believe in the marriage of art and business. At Scale.

Clear strategy.
Real results.

What are we actually about? Everything we do here is driven by two things: design and business.

We are not artists. And we are not business analysts either. We are both.

And in the attention economy, we have to deliver at scale. That means a steady flow of new content every month, rather than a single hero video.

That's the only way we can help our clients reach their full potential.

We believe in the marriage of art and business. At scale.

We are a group of creative directors, project managers, content creators, and influencers. We bridge the gap between business and art to help clients reach their full potential.

YEars of



Quality Control

It all starts with a good marketing strategy. We leverage all available data to build a good strategy before we start creating, improving and implementing. We put a lot of effort in research and data analysis to come up with the best marketing solution that is specially tailored for your business.

Creative content is what makes a brand stand out. We use our creativity to make unique and captivating content that can be easily digested by the audience. We believe that already established and tested techniques combined with a creative element is a perfect formula for creating content that resonates with the public and gets your message across (test)

We keep track of important metrics and numbers to evaluate how well our campaigns are performing. Analyzing specific metrics and numbers gives us valuable insights into what needs to be improved or modified and shows us new opportunities for bringing even more revenue to your business.

The Team

Michael Wald
Founder & Managing Director
Lita Lin
Senior Project Manager
Vanessa Kho
Operations Assistant
Karolina Bierut-Wu
Solutions Consultant

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