Multi-Faceted BenQ Project: Product Messaging, Video Production, Blog Articles, and Brochure Design

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Ben Q
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BenQ is a technology company offering a variety of products, including visual displays for both home and business use, as well as lifestyle products like e-readers, mobile devices, and gaming accessories.
Finding quality English marketing content has been a challenge, leading to the production of many poorly written. This project requires an agency that can deliver the brochure with not only strong design and layout skills but also the ability to produce authentic, error-free English content.
We made a 36-page brochure for BenQ, showcasing their products through a visually appealing combination of images and text. The brochure highlights the products’ convenience, versatility, and improved productivity for remote work. The presentation is clean and simple, with complete and easily understandable information for the reader.
We crafted a visually stunning brochure for BenQ to showcase their products on a global scale and make a lasting impression on potential clients, without the use of poorly written English. With this English brochure, not only can they sell to their intended Southeast Asian Market, but also all around the globe.
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