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BES Groups is a Taiwanese manufacturer of ozone sanitation technology. Their sanitation solutions are sold to distributors around the world to disinfect restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and even yachts—without the use of cleaning chemicals like bleach.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the BES Groups sales team was unable to travel and meet new customers. Their website was outdated and online content was lacking in quality, quantity and focus They needed a new lead generation engine.
The Modular team built two new websites for BES Groups, one for the parent company and one for BioSure, their sub-brand. After that, we launched an aggressive SEO campaign of 12 articles per month to drive traffic and leads.
Multiple articles achieved the no. 1 search result on page one on Google for keyword “Ozone water”, a highly competitive keyword. Inbound business leads rose to 3 to 5 per day, and the sales team successfully closed some major deals with companies like Dyson, as well as smaller distributors around the world.
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