+ Close up shots
+ Scenario shots
+ Model scouting

+ Location scouting
+ Graphic design
+ Photo packages


+ Videos for web
+ Videos for e-commerce
+ Talent scouting

+ Motion graphics
+ Location scouting
+ Video packages

Web & App Development

+ Web Applications
+ iOS App Development
+ Android App Development
+ Web Design

Social Media

+ Instagram posts
+ Facebook posts
+ Facebook ads

+ Social management
+ Social strategy
+ Copywriting


+ Product briefs
+ E-Commerce & Amazon A+

+ Social media copy
+ English and Chinese

SEO, Articles,
and Content

+ Blog Articles
+ Case Studies
+ Search Engine Optimization

+ Search Engine Marketing
+ Website Optimization

Brand Identity
and Logo Design

+ Logo Design
+ Visual Identity System
+ Business Card
+ Ads / EDMs

+ Packaging
+ Icon System
+ Illustrations

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